Can't find a job :(

  1. I'm having such a hard time finding a job! I've been certified since July 11th and I'm having no luck. I've called to follow up on my application and they said they will call me back but I haven't heard anything in weeks.
    I'm afraid I'm going to forget all the information. I'm applying to nursing school in January and I'm afraid I won't gain enough experience to be accepted. I know gpa plays a major part. I'm trying to pull my gpa up to at least a 3.0 if not higher. I know it's not the best gpa in the world but I'm trying my best. I learn better hands on.

    I know I'm meant to be a nurse. I would do it for free! I absolutely love te rewarding feeling it comes with it. I know I'll have some bad days but I can't explain how much I love nursing. It's just very discouraging when I can't find a cna job in nj.
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  3. by   mintygirl
    For CNA? It's tough the first time you start out: while some people get jobs right away, thats not the case for everyone. I think it took me two months to find one and then later on when I went to look for another job it took about a month.

    Keep applying and don't worry, there is no way you are going to forget all that you learn. Keep looking and find a place that will place you and let you shadow another cna. Once you get the new stamp off your forehead, it'll be easier to get jobs as a cna. Keep applying and don't give up! You went through all that trouble to get your cna and were determined to graduate! So apply that to job searching. And don't be afraid to call back and ask if they have any positions open for cna, then if they say yes, ask them about your application. You want to ask for the supervisor as she's the one who reviews it. Get that interview and shine!