Can i just test out???

  1. Hi i am new here and i have a question.
    I am tring to see if i can just go and take the cert test for CNA
    in either KY or TN
    I will be moving to or around clarksville TN
    it is by the border of ky
    so i could do either state.
    i can't find any info on this,
    I know that you can do it in NC, THAT
    IS where i am right now,
    I don't need the classs i was an EMT
    and CNA before the military and am confident i will pass.
    Any help will great!
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  3. by   avery157
    I would test in NC if I could because they use Promissor as their testing agency and Primissor is pretty easy to test with. But you need to know that if you get your license in NC will it transfer to where ever you are moving to. I would not test in TN they use Headmaster and their skills test is crazy. So, call registry of the state you are moving to and see if you can transfer your CNA licence from NC there without any more testing, etc. KY registry 502-329-7047. Call NC and see if they will let you take the test there and get the paperwork for the test. Their number is 919-733-2786. And if you need TN's number it is 888-310-4650. I don't know what testing agency KY uses it may be Thomson Prometric and they are OK so if you want to test in KY with them that would be good. The best way to start is to call them all and make sure that they will except your education and not make you take any classes. Then be sure that the state you will be living in will take a license from the other state. Good Luck.