Anybody applying for the cna program at oakton community college weekend?

  1. Is it easy to get in the BNAT program at Oakton Community College. I have to get the testing done in two weeks and I am nervous about it. Has anyone recently applied and if so can you offer some help as of what I should prepare myself. Thank You
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  3. by   luvs637
    I hope you got into the program! I just finished my BNAT class at Oakton today. It was really great! I loved it! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. by   JQ_RN
    I did get in and i am loving it so far!!! Thank you for answering my post
  5. by   Finny415
    I am doing the BNAT at Oakton this summer and I am a little worried because I have a heavy course load for the summer. What can I expect from the BNAT? Is there homework/papers/exams? Any insight would be appreciated