Ambulation w/GB and TB/Denture Placement

  1. Hello,

    I would like to preface by thanking all of you who responded to my previous queries. I sincerely appreciate the beneficial information you provided.

    More questions, if you don't mind!

    For the skills: Ambulating w/Gait Belt and Bed to WC Transfer, the step that follows "applying gait belt" states:

    "Before assisting to stand, provides instructions to enable client to assist in standing including pre-arranged signal to alert Client to begin standing."

    My question is, what do I state specifically other than advising "on the count of three, I will assist you to stand"? Is there something else I should advise the Client before positioning myself and ultimately transferring/ambulating them? Also, when assisting with transfers/ambulation, do most of you usually place your feet/knees directly in front of the client's?

    Also, when performing denture care/mouth care, is it permissable to place the toothbrush/denture on a clean towel (clean technique) before rinsing them/putting away in basin? Denture care seems to be tricky because at one time, you may end up with the dentures, toothbrush, paste, and cup in your hands at once!!

    Thanks again, sorry for the verbosity of this message!


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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I don't know what they're talking about regarding the signal thing either. I say "On the count of three..." too. I don't always put my feet in front of theirs. Most of them don't need it. If it turns out they can't keep them back or there's some other problem, you just let them sit back down, explain that they need to keep their feet back (or push up from the chair with their hands, or whatever else) and try again. Sometimes it takes several attempts, but I try to get them to do most of the work, to save my back and to keep them strong.

    The dentures on the towel should be fine. Or you could put them on the inside of the lid.
  4. by   jennileigh8182
    In regards to dentures, here's the process we were taught, which is easy once you get used to doing it:

    prep your toothbrush with cleaning agent
    place top denture in one hand, scrub it, rinse it, keep in palm
    hold bottom denture with one or two fingers of other hand
    add water to denture cup, holding with unused fingers of bottom denture hand
    place top denture in cup
    scrub bottom denture, rinse, place in cup

    we were told to never put the dentures down anywhere but in the cup