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  1. I start classes for stna in 1 week, and be moving to north carolina may 1 of this year. i know i will have to take their test to work in nc, but thought it made sense to go already having my education out the way. i hope to find a job working with children or infants, or even pregnant women on bedrest. i had 2 very high risk pregnancies and i think my experiences would help alot and im also a single parent so i can understand the frustration of caring for a sick child.does anyone have any feedback or info on what employers look for in trying to fill these positions? i know bayada has ped. cnas but what do they look for?any feedback would be helpful.thnks
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  3. by   miss h.m
    good luck with your classes next week......I too am in the midst of taking my cna classes...if I can ask..what is a stna? I've never heard the term...I also work for Bayada...each case is different, but their mission staement is the same for all cases...they are a good commpany to work for, especially if you have children can pick and choose your cases, and everyone is happy. Your experiences will indeed come in handy out in the field...caring goes a long way, and stating at home is the best place to start and learn from I think...I would go to Bayadas website and reach out to the nearest location and speak with them. I have met some of the sweetest people because of them and have learned so much from my clients. good luck!!
  4. by   isthisforme
    stna stands for state tested nurses aid.that is what they are called in ohio.its the same as cna everywhere else.