Advice needed. Applying for training in ft collins, CO facility 10 day prog.

  1. Hello ladies and gents,

    I would greatly appreciate someone taking a look at this and let me know what their opinion(s) might be. First, I've done some browsing on this CNA forum and see that there is a broad range of what programs offer and duration and fees. This website in my town is a nursinghome/assisted living facility that now offers CNA training. What concerns me is I read most people do 100 hours aka 3 weeks to 5 weeks.

    this site does it in 10 days! Do you think that would be a bit rushed for someone? Why I'm considering the brave approach is they put your resume on priority pile after you finish because you were taught through them vs and outside source. But what do you guys think? I have done accelerated courses before (Massage therapy) and what a headache that is over the span of a year but any encouragement or realistic feelings I should bear have in mind before I apply? because quite frankly I know they'd hire the 10 day people before an outsider however I'd like quality training to increase my odds.

    Thank you for your thoughts on this.

    Anyone from the Ft collins, CO area want to share their CNA training approach I'd be greatful
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