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I work the night shift. There are 2 aides for 60 residents, 95% of whom are incontinent. We have to get up 6 residents, which is usually not a problem. THere are other night aides who start getting... Read More

  1. by   Selphie
    Quote from NM_CNA
    Where I work, they just do bed checks (some of them do, at least) and get some people up. I wish our facility would have them do other tasks. The ones you mentioned, such as cleaning the shower rooms, microwaves, and wheel chairs, scrubbing lifts and organizing rooms and closets- fall to day and evening shifts. Actually, mostly day shift has to do it all. We frequently come in and see that night shift has been doing crossword puzzles, playing cards, and listening to music all night. I thought most facilities had similar set-ups. Apparently ours is just crappier.
    We used to be like that before a few months ago. Our DON, after hearing many complaints, decided to catch them (not all the cnas but some were doing it) in the act one night while they (including nurses) were using the computers for personal usage, meanwhile dayshift would find all of their residents so filthy the next day...so she started assigning tasks to them. We also have to do "walking rounds" now. Basically, during shift-change, the dayshift does a round with evening and signs off on it...the evening does a round with night...etc, etc. It's tedious but it's solved some issues in our facility. No one wants to explain why their people are soaked to the next shift coming in...
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    At my facility, there does seem to be a lot of pointing fingers at different shifts. I just perform my job the best way I can, and remain respectful to my co-workers. No need for unnecessary tension.
  3. by   NM_CNA
    It's been what, three months or so since I posted about the night shift aides? I kept reporting it. Still, nothing was done. The specific resident I mentioned's wife was complaining to me one day. I asked her if SHE had been reporting what was happening, and she said she had but nothing was done about it. I confessed that i had also been reporting it with no results (I wondered if that was appropriate for me to say but I didn't and still don't care that I said it because something needed to be done about it.) and suggested that she also go to the DON and to the administrator with the other family members that had been complaining. If that didn't work, I told her about state inspectors and ombudsmen. She went to the DON and all they did was move those aides out of that pod. One of them was recently employee of the month. He has been getting lots of complaints from the residents of the pod he was placed on. She thanks me everytime she sees me but I know that all I got accomplished was to move the problem to a new set of residents. I guess I CAN be thankful that those CNAs were placed on skilled units. The residents there only stay a month or so for rehab so at least they don't have to put up with it constantly like the other residents did. I've pretty much given up on trying to get anything done. I do my job, clock out and go home. Obviously nothing is going to change. I'm glad that my daughter is due soon and I can leave this horrible place and not look back.

    **EDIT Thank you for all of your suggestions. Several other aides had questioned the night aides about what was going on, but they leave the pod as soon as we clock in so it didn't help. Other family members had also had it out with some of the night aides (actually asked them to step outside and yelled at them) to no avail.