CNA looking for work! Help!


I was just certified as a nurse assistant through the American Red Cross and am looking for any CNA or Patient Care Tech positions that may be available at any hospitals or nursing homes in the metro detroit area. I have yet to take my state exam, but I've noticed most job descriptions only require that you go through a cna training program like the one I went through. So far I have applied to St. John, Crittenton, DMC, and Detroit Hope Hospital and Henry Ford.

Does anyone know of any other places that might be hiring? And would be willing to pass on my resume? Please let me know!



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You could try St. Mary Mercy Mercy Hospital in Livonia. I got hired right away after taking my CNA training through the Red Cross too. And we are always looking for help. Its a nice hospital to work for, and you get great experience.


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I've looked there, but they don't have any positions currently open. Anyone know of any nursing homes too?

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