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CNA on the job training...Ocala area

i am currently a sophomore at a community college; i want to start working as a cna while i finish my associates and pre-requisites for a bsn program.

does anyone know about any nursing homes, hospitals, etc. in the ocala and surrounding areas that are doing cna on the job training in exchange for working for them? it would be great to get experience in the healthcare field! any information would be greatly appreciated! :)


Has 10 years experience. Specializes in geriatrics,emergency,hospice.


You can try Marion House Healthcare Center. They were doing this. They are one of the better rehabs/nursing homes in Ocala. They hire you, train you, and give you so many months to challenge the CNA exam. Good luck.


Has 4 years experience. Specializes in ICU, Intermediate Care, Progressive Care.

My mother was the DON at Marion House when they did that program but she says she doesn't think they do it anymore. Apparently they had a lot of people breaking contracts to work elsewhere after they got effectively free training. Just FYI to those who might see this now. =)

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