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CNA--health care facility or TTC


I'm looking into getting my CNA on the way to my RN. I have a couple options right now and need some insight! I can take CNA classes in May at a local health care facility, which I think are free. But Tennessee Technology Center at Elizabethton also offers a CNA program for under $500. The one at TTC also has classes starting in Jan, Feb, and March, so I could get my training a lot sooner if I go that route. Also, the program at the facility is 100 hours whereas the program at TTC is 135 so I'd get more training. Plus I know the person who teaches the classes at the health care facility. We're not best friends or anything, really no more than acquaintances, but I worry our pre-existing relationship may compromise my success and reputation with this particular facility. I'm having a really hard time weighing the pros and cons. Anyone have any advice or know anything about the CNA program at TTC? Thanks!!!:spin: