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CNA fastrack in Charlotte area?

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I prolly have asked this before,,as my plans are a bit liquid right now..BUT I am trying to iron things out.I hope to be taking my LPN classes this coming Jan(decided against moving to WV this winter,,,we still are,,just later)

Im about to start an online Pharm tech online class to help get a better paying job than I now have(gotta help pay for school,,,lol)

Originally i was only going to take CNA class because i HAD TO for NC RN programs.Now I think it may be a good idea to have this as a job option

I wasnt going to go the fast track route since some schools here wouldnt accept it

But since its for employment...maybe so?

Please post or PM if you are in the charlotte area and tookk one of the oodles of fast track classes and GOT a job....


also may take an EKG course...

i will need a good job for the next 14 months for school costs etc

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I used a fast track CNA program in Indian Trail and got a job but I really just used it as a refresher course. I took the whole CNA course with clinicals about 8 years ago and wanted to get re-certified without having to take the whole thing all over again. But, if you've never done any clinicals or taken the course, I would recommend taking the full course because that program is very fast paced and only takes one day to complete - then you study on your own. I personally would be 100 times more stressed out and nervous to take the test and/or work in a nursing home/hospital if I'd never taken the whole course.

The program I used was Carolina Nursing Consultants - http://ncnurseaidetraining.com

Good luck! :)

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