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I took my cna competency exam today and I passed the written exam but I failed the skills by receiving an unsatisfactory on the mouth care. On the results sheet, it says that I missed steps 2,13 and 15 none of which are a critical or bolded step. There are 16 steps to this skill and I got 3 wrong. That leaves me at an 81.25% for that skill and I still failed. That doesn't make any sense to me. These 3 steps are minor steps too. I sent a grievance letter today and I hope that they can do something about it. Any thoughts?




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If you forgot to wear gloves or wash your hands, even if it isnt bolded as critical, missing them is an automatic fail. If not, sometimes there are substeps. It wouldnt count as an actual step per se. But in any case, if there were truly 16 steps and you only missed 3 (not including safety or infection control steps) then hopefully a recalculation of the score for that skill will change you to a pass. Fingers crossed.