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what a good CNA evening school in Memphis,TN?


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Hi, how are you? I'm getting my training at Career Accademy Nursing Program in midtown off Union and Cooper Ave. I have 1 more week of training and 1 week of Clinicals left. I'm soon to be done with my training. The program I'm attending isn't in the evenings it is from 8:30-2:30pm M-F. A friend of mines did say that Bridges downtown has started a program in the evening. Career Academy and Bridges both start on the 19th of May. You can private me and I'll give you contact information.


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Hi futurenurse23,

what the number for bridge? thanks a million!


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I am attending Career academy within the next week, but I have been certified previously and work for a number of years. However, I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in Memphis where I could work while I renew my license. Thanks so much!!


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