CNA course + Physiology?


For my program, CNA and Physiology are pre-requisites for the ADN program. I plan to take the CNA and Physiology course during summer 2018 to meet the deadline for nursing. If not I'll have to wait a year. I understand CNA courses take a lot of time, how much more difficult would it be if I were to take it with physiology during summer semester?


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Well I'm kind of in the same boat as you but I just finished a CNA course this fall semester and I'm waiting to take physiology. I took my course alongside microbio and honestly it was doable but I was going to school 4-5 days a week for around 2 months til my CNA course ended. It's doable but getting a good grade in your bio classes is absolutely crucial.

That being said, summer semesters are generally shorter and at my college it's kind of hit or miss as whether that shortness is a good thing. Fewer assignments maybe, but less time to learn the subject.

As to how much more difficult it would be, CNA courses aren't exactly hard per se. They're time consuming and require dedication, but written work is easy, clinicals don't really require much in the way of brains, and the certification test is easy if you practice and study. The problem is that the more time you are taking your CNA course, the less time you have to focus on physiology. If you think you can handle it, go for it. I know exactly how it feels to be struggling to finish your prerequisites in time for application deadlines so you don't have to wait another whole year. Best of luck.

On a sidenote, is it absolutely necessary for you to take your CNA course in the summer? I would personally see if you can get training at a nursing facility this spring so you don't have to double up.

I'd rather get everything done during summer 2018 as I want to submit my packet for ADN during the January to March 2019 window so i can start fall that year. I want to do this because I'm also submitting a packet for surgical tech January 2018 to start that fall, and if accepted, I will commit 1 year to that ST program and will not have time to finish the ADN pre-requisites. By the time I finish ST (summer 2019), the for the fiscal year would align just in time for me to start the ADN program (fall 2019) assuming that I'm accepted. I'm doing the ST as a contingency in case if i don't get picked up for ADN, and that's the reason for doing ST.

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I completed my Physilogy class first, then I took my CNA class. I could never fathom of taking those two courses at the same time. I've learned my lesson in the past. Good luck to you!