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CNA course at CSN


As you may know the semester starts 1/22 which is a Tuesday. The lecture part of my CNA course begins on the 28th because that's the first Monday, however I have lab on Thursday and clinical on Saturday...Are they going to have me go to lab and clinical on that first week before the lecture class the following Monday? Seems odd that they would. Any thoughts from anyone?



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I would check your schedule to see when those lab and clinical days start. If they in fact state that they start on the thursday and saturday before your lecture, then yes, you will have to attend. It doesn't matter what class comes first, classes will go on in whatever order you have them. My first class was a clinical for my CNA course, then my lecture and finally my lab. For my nursing classes, I started with lab. But always double check the start date on your schedule. Hope that helps!

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