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CNA classes with others?


So i am in a dilemma. Next semester i was planning on taking statistics and algebra because these are the only classes I have left to finish. BUT I just recently found out that I can get the 5 credit CNA course paid for along with these classes at my local community college. These three classes would put me at full time status. I was looking over the information packet and it was quite intimidating and i feel like i might not be able to handle it all. What do you guys suggest? What was your experience with getting your CNA licensing?

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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CNA class is a piece of cake. I wouldn't worry about it 😊 a lot of it is common sense, and some of it you can't truly get good at unless you actually do it. So juggling it with other classes should be no problem since there is minimal homework.

I took an intensive CNA course (4 hours everyday for two months) while taking Anatomy and Physiology. It was doable. CNA class is pretty easy compared to other courses imo. If you're working part time, might need to organize your time more efficiently and strictly but I totally think you can do it!

I took my CNA course over this past summer while taking A&P 1 and working full time. My CNA course had labs on Saturday (clinicals on Sunday) and lecture online. If I can do it anyone can. I agree with the others. The CNA course is pretty easy. Its mostly going over and memorizing the steps of the skills that takes a bit of time. Good Luck!

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