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Hi Everyone

I know that some of you have written the CNA certification exam for your specialty and I'm considering it.

I was researching the exam process and I noticed each specialty has a bibliography containing recommended readings. There are at least 10 highlighted texts. Just wondering if you had any difficulty borrowing your texts from the library? Obviously, I'm not planning to buy all those books.



dishes, BSN, RN

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I borrowed books from my hospital library, I only reviewed the books that were bolded on the CNA bibliography. I also reviewed a study guide that was not on the CNA list, I found it helped to study in the same manner that the test was written. Some of the American speciality study guides contain a large number of multiple choice questions. I am not familiar with gerontology but I think the book Kopac CA, ed. Gerontological nursing certification review guide for the generalist, clinical specialist, and nurse practitioner. Rev. ed. 1996 may be a useful mutliple choice study guide. It's listed on the University of Manitoba Library, CNA gerontological nursing certification exam recommended resources.

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Hi Dishes. Thanks for your advice. I've looked through the references and considered the same....reading the bolded references, the BPG's and looking at the websites. Many of these texts contain similar information as it is.

I'm organized now for next April so that I can read bit by bit, since I'm working full time.

Have a good night!