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CNA care guide???

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Hello everyone,

I am a Unit Manager on a 40 bed short term rehab unit in a Skilled Nursing Facility. We had a HORRIBLE survey and apparently one of the downfalls was that our CNA care guides were not accurate. Does anyone have examples of care guides or know of resources to get them from. Currently we do them on the computer. Problem is keeping them updated, especially on a busy rehab unit. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks,:bow: RNsince80


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Our computer program that we use for our MDS and care plans automatically populates a care guide from our care plan...we can also add things to it that aren't on the care plan. We review two care guides every morning and afternoon in report...so in my 30 bed facility, each care guide should be reviewed about four times a month...the floor nurses and NAs make changes as they need to and we update everything in the computer as needed.

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