CNA Bingo card

Nursing Students CNA/MA


What would you put on it? I would definitely have a square for "Patient on contact precautions who wants the bedpan every 5 minutes" and one for "5 call bells going at the same time".

Any other suggestions?

Specializes in LTC.

Someone blows up their pants 10 minutes after you get them out of the shower.

Trying to get to lunch break and can't get down the hallway without responding to 3 alarms. Yelled at by the nurse for not going to lunch on time (this one is probably too long).

3 call-offs, state shows up.

Disgusting poopy brief in one hand, no liner in the trash can.

What does every single person on your assignment have in common? total bed change.

Put a nice outfit on someone and recreation sends them back covered in hot chocolate.

Person in the last room at the very end of the hall rings every 10 minutes.

6 call lights go on exactly at change of shift.

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