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CNA & post mortem care - mandatory?

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It probably isn't as bad as you think and it depends on where you work. I would obviously advise against working at a place at hospice; however, you are working with sick people mostly so you never know. I just finished my CNA today, and I will tell you, it is easy to obsess over something. But, when you are in there doing it, it is amazing what you can do. You are just focused on the patient and helping them. I always said I couldn't do "code browns", but I did a lot in clinicals, and while it is not my favorite for sure, I just kept looking at that poor person that couldn't help themselves, and I was thrilled that I could do something for them. Good luck!

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One thing we learned in our CNA class that was useful (well there are many useful things, but this one in particular for PM). After a person dies, and if their mouth is open, roll up a washcloth like you would to put in their hands to prevent cramping. Immediately after they pass, put the rolled washcloth under their chin. This will hold their mouth closed. After an hour or so, you can remove it and the jaw will stay closed. Same thing with the eyes and tape as someone mentioned earlier. If they are open when the resident passes, tape them closed for an hour or more, then you can usually remove the tape and they will stay closed.

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