CMS looses contract in Louisville after 20 years

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The feather in their cap after 20 years will not be renewed.

Thank goodness. This was my first and hopefully not last job in corrections. What comes next we don't know. But for the 2 years that I stuck in out it has been a mess.

I wanted to quit the first week I was there but another RN begged me to stick it out and make a difference. Six months after joining the Peer Review team I signed my name to a document that said as long as the director continued to ignore the recommendations we made there was no point of our continuing and we were dissolving the team.

I moved over to the smaller work release program the last of 6 nurses there and have never been happier. Things were done by the book I never worried that I could loose my license by following my supervisor. It was sooo nice.

But soon the main body became so mismanaged everyone quit. A nurse I work with refuses to go back. We are all looking for jobs.

Sorta. I don't want to go back the hospital. I need a job. No one knows what will happen between today and whoever gets the contract next. Usually they keep a few on. The few there scare me the changes they are making to hold ground is..... I don't know a word for it...Scary.

Unfortuatly I am PRN and I was ALWAYS getting 3 days a week often 5. No OT allowed. The acting Director (the actual one was on medical leave) ruined our scheduale (mine mostly) and caused unnecessary stress to 5 of the 6 of us.

I think its time to move on hopefully in this new interesting field. Maybe its time to think about the West Coast again.

To New Beginnings,

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