CMA-RN??? What do I do?? HELP ME


I am working on a CMA program right now. I know that I eventually want to be RN. I dont know if I'm going about it the right way. I have two small children that I have to support so this is the quick way to a salary, then I could go back to school. But I could get by if I started my RN training (by the skin on my teeth). Should I carry out the CMA program or go straight to the RN??? WHats the best way to go??


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It kinda just depends on your situation. I went to Medical Assisting school about 11 years ago, and worked as a CMA for 3 years. I just wasn't happy with it. I found that I was so limited in what I could do and where I could work. But some people like it just fine.

I'm now going back to school again. If it's financially easier to finish the program and then work while you go to school, that might work out better for you and your kids. It's hard enough to go back to school in the first place, let alone have to worry about money at the same time.

And don't forget about all those little emergencys that could happen while your in school. It might be nice to have a little extra money at those times. Because you sure wouldn't want to have to drop out of school for something financial.

Whatever you do, make sure you PLAN it through really good. That way you are covered in case of an emergency. (especially with young children).

Good luck in whatever you choose.

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