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Ok.. here is the scoop. The school I am REALLY hoping to attend does not have a clinical site real close to home. I am very interested in a few of the current sites... As I know people who have given some insight. And I would be happy to attend that program even away from home.... Maybe at Plaza for clinicals.... BUT.... it would be easier to get a site HERE.

Besides easy, I feel that my current location does a good variety of cases and has busy, good practitioners here too. Our town does tons of hearts, trauma and neuro.

What steps could I take to establish interest in my favorite school in my home town? I am a lady on a mission, who believe's that her town rock's and would benefit with the addition of *** students to the roster....

The school has vast resources and the people I met (or have heard about) seem as though they would be good people to work with. The anethesia lab is unlike any I have seen at other facilities.. Can you tell how excited I am? And I still have to get the ccrn taken to actually interview!

In a way I am admitting... here I am... I have a mind and a mouth. And I can utilize them both well.... but, how do I go about this without stepping on toes?

Any questions would be welcomed via the "pm" or thread.


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It completely depends on the particular nurse anesthesia program. The only way to know is to ask them. Bring it up at your interview, and see how they respond.

Their response will depend on the program's resources, committments, and philosophy. So don't take it personal if it doesn't fly. Some programs have very set clinical sites, and are not interested in adding any more. Each site bring with it paperwork, administration issues, etc.

On the other hand, some programs are eager to establish as many sites as possible. I heard one program director say he would welcome the opportunity to establish a site anywhere a new student requested one (assuming it met all the required accreditation criteria).

Even if the program is willing, you will still have to see if all the powers-that-be among all the interested parties can come to mutual agreements. There have to be clinical instructors at the site willing to participate in all things needed for accreditation. Whoever is in charge of the anesthesia department (read--MDAs, usually) has to be supportive.

But this is exactly what is being done in many nurse anesthesia programs. So it is possible it will work out for you. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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