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Hi everyone,

I was hoping any former students from DCCC would be able to answer this. What hospitals or clinical sites did you go to for clinicals? Was it always in the AM?

Thank you!


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Hi! I graduated from DCCC's program in 2014 and it was the best decision I'd made! Sam is the best teacher anyone can ask for; she will answer your questions at any time and does all that you can to help you do well. We only lost two people during the program. As for clinical sites...You go to Piedmont Crossing and Thomasville Medical Center, period. You do med-surg and geriatric care, period. We would often to get chances, however, to float to other floors at the hospital if we were persistent. The Emergency Department and OR were pretty cool experiences at TMC. You get as much out of clinical as you put into it; you can easily get out of passing meds and doing bedside skills, but you will definitely pay for it when you graduate, so I would recommend doing as much as you can in clinical. Baptist is used for simulation, which was really fun. You'll thoroughly enjoy this program. Good luck :)


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Thank you so much:)