Oregon CNS career possibilities

  1. I'm currently working as an Adult Health CNS for a hospital in Washington state and am looking to relocate to Bend, Oregon in the next few years. Since Washington doesn't recognize the CNS as a licensed role or provide prescriptive authority, I'm curious as to how the role might look in Oregon, especially outside the hospital setting. As it's a priority for myself and my family to relocate, I'm trying to keep an open mind career-wise; however I'd like to continue in an advanced practice role if possible, ideally maintaining my ACNS certification. Any advice on how to best prepare for this move would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Psychcns
    It took several months for Oregon to accept me as a cns with prescriptive authority. They have a detailed application and I had to take 45 contact hours of pharmacology.. I am licensed with prescriptive authority in three other states. Each state has their own requirements.
  4. by   nicolein
    Hi I live in CT where CNSs have Rx Rights and I'm currently finishing grad school. There may be an opportunity in neighboring NY but they don't offer CNS Rx Rights. They consider us APRN but we don't have Rx rights like NPs do. Not happy at all.
  5. by   kroar
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm seriously wondering if I would be best served to pursue my DNP to become a nurse practitioner. The thought of more school and more student loans is frustrating, though, especially since I could have become a FNP through my MSN program. I really love the CNS role, too.
  6. by   Psychcns
    @nicolein. NY makes me mad too. I have prescriptive authority in three border states-- CT, MA, and NH.. I have an inactive staff RN license for NY-- I have thought about sending in an application for APRN with prescriptive authority and see what they say.

    @kroar Reregon cns. There is an active cns group in Oregon. I was contacted to be part of their directory. Oregon might have some good cns roles. The oregon nurse practice act has some good cns language...
    the DNP is a research and education degree-Doctor of Nursing Practice (I had thought the NP part meant something about nurse practitioner but is doesn't)
    Google Kelly Goudreau cns blog. She is an Oregon cns and a good articulator of the cns situation..
  7. by   nicolein
    We definitely are the step children of the APRNs. I mean we had to struggle through advanced patho and pharm with the NP students. What's the issue???
  8. by   Psychcns
    Nicolein...CNS have made it to being one of the four APRN categories. We can prescribe in 36 states..the glass is half full!!! I think there needs to be more lobbying to change legislation in the remaining states. I don't know at what point, not bring allowed to practice to the extent of our education and training, becomes an issue of discrimination. In psych, the psych np evolved from the psych cns...and it appears the clinical nurse leader evolved from the cns also...
  9. by   nicolein
    I completely agree with you. I was being dramatic but there is much change necessary. I'm currently the only CNS student in my graduate studies program along with 14 NP students. It's difficult and I have to keep reminding some that the term APRN is inclusive of CNSs as well. Looking forward to my last semester but I'm limited to working in CT only won't drive to mass and NY doesn't recognize us.
  10. by   kroar
    Thanks! I've bookmarked her blog and will see what information I can glean from her. I really appreciate the tip.