Help I need to Interview a Nurse Manager, Case Manager Practicing NP

  1. Hello:
    I am a student and I have a project assignment that wants me to interview a Clinical Nurse I, Case Manager or Nurse Manager. I tried interviewing numerous CNS at the hospital where I have my clinical time, but all of them said they were busy. I can understand because they are at work. However, I still need to complete this assignment, so I thought I would post it here and see if any of you will have mercy on me and help out. =)

    I need the following questions answered...

    How do you define advocacy?

    How do you incorporate the role of advocacy into your work? Name some specific strategies.

    What can nurses do to become more effective advocates for their clients? For their colleagues?

    If any CNS or NP's can help I would be so grateful! =)

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   arnfinally
    Advocacy can be defined as: pleading a cause on behalf of another, such as a nurse pleading for better care of a patient or for the patient's desires to be honored. Most nurses take this role very seriously, especially if and when the patient is unable to speak for themselves such as the very old or the very young. My nurses administer conscious sedation to patients requiring procedures and they all recognize being the patient's advocate in this circumstance is vital.

    The nurses insure that the patient is well cared for, that they are treated with dignity and respect and that they receive the utmost care during a time when they can not speak for themselves. Some specifics are insuring that the patient is prepped and draped modestly, pressure areas are padded to prevent skin break down, Patient is wishes are adhered to during the procedure.

    Nurses can best be a patient's advocate when they have truly taken the time to assess the patient's understanding of their condition, taking the time necessary to educate and inform the patient and or family so that they can make informed decisions relating to their health care and then doing everything possible to insure that their wishes are carried out when at all possible. Being an advocate can also have it's challenges as it generally involves ethical or medical dilemmas which are highly emotionally charged issues.

    Advocacy for a colleague is an opportunity to build professional relationships that strengthen our profession in countless ways. Nurses put themselves on the line on a daily basis for their patients, it is very important when a nurse steps up to advocate for her patients that she know that she will have the support of her colleagues in the process.

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