CNS Preceptors for a Current Student In Oklahoma

  1. Hi everyone! I am a current CNS student at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa campus, and I am searching high and low for preceptors that fit the specialty that I am interested in. I am interested in perioperative nursing and wound care. I have called several places, and they do not fit my educational desires. I need to spend a few hours with a few CNSs, as well as attempt to find a preceptor that I can work with for the rest of my clinical experiences. I am also willing to travel out of town if I need to do so. if anyone one knows of someone that would be willing to let me follow them for a few hours, please let me know!


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  3. by   mmcgill
    Probably a little late, but I take students. I work with the Hospitalist group at Integris Baptist Oklahoma City. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    Matthew McGill APRN-CNS, MSN, CCNS, CCRN
  4. by   jessica.lanelle
    I would definitely be interested in meeting with you for the upcoming semester. I am still in the search for someone to work with this spring. Thank you so much for your response!
  5. by   LearningOkieRN
    Hi! I had a question for you! I'm about to start in the OU AG CNS program and I had some questions including ones about realistic job placement. I wanted to hear from a real student / or graduate in Oklahoma who has experienced/seen the real prospects! :-D
  6. by   katemcd
    Hi LearningOkieRN! I am applying to the program to start this summer. Can you give me some insight on the program so far? I work with 2 CNS at OU, and their roles are very different. I have so many questions! lol Hope the program is going well! =)
  7. by   LearningOkieRN
    Add me @ Facebook. Com / sashimiaddict (it wouldn't let me run it together)

    - I will message you! I start my third semester next week :-D

    Anyone feel free to add me/ message me!