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What determines your status? If this standardized by hospital? How do you progress?


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The level is determinded by your specific facility. Some nurses find that when they change facilities they also change levels. Both experience and educational background factor into it at the facility in which I work. Their are also only a certain number of Nurse III and nurse IV postions available and are given only to nurse managers and Nursing shift supervisors. So nurses who are on the floor with 25+ years experience continue being a II. I also noticed that our DON and Assistant DON don't have one behind their title. I don't know if that is because its just known that they are a IV or if being a DON trumps Nurse IV title (probably does)... anyways thats all I know. I am still a I and have 3 more months till I get to even be considered for a II so I really dont know much...

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It does vary by facility. Many require certain objectives to attain each level, such as getting a BSN, getting certified in your specialty, years of experience, CEUs, holding in-services, etc.

Check your manual or ask your manager if there are specific criteria for each level, and what they are.

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