Clinical hours required for Front or U of Cin?


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I am wondering for any of you that have been accepted or are in Frontier or U of Cin what is the number of clinical hours required? I have my FNP and the required number were 600 and most of us got way more than required to get the best experience. I am just beginning a post master's program as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and the clinical hours are also 600.

Now my little tiny hospital where I work has lost one of the docs that do OB and they are talking to me about sending me to CNM school. I have looked at Frontier as on the site it says that the first diadactic classes are all self paced and am thinking that if I got in I could take a few of them at the end of my psych program and then start full time when I am done with psych.

But I am trying to figure out legnth of program for my boss here at the hospital and wondered about clinical hours. Any info would be appreciated.


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Frontier is not self paced in the sense you can take a class, finish it and start another one. They have gone to 12 week terms now and you take specific classes each term. Some classes are designed for you to finish early while others are designed for you to have specific assignments and tasks each week so it will take the entire 12 weeks.

It will take 9 terms full time and 12 terms part time to finish the program - there are 4 terms per year.

Here is a link to the catalog - it lists the required clinical hours for each program as well as a huge amount of other very useful information.


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If you are already an FNP, some of your experience will count towards your numbers and hours, but I can't tell you how many. The usual minimum 675 clinical hours are modified for those with prior antepartum and gyne care experience. You will have to have the full number of births, at least 40. You should call the school and ask to speak to someone in admissions about specifics.

If you are already a MSN-prepared NP with prescribing privileges, you will only need to take the courses for midwifery, NOT the entire program, to get a certificate. There are many students who complete one MSN/NP tract, then finish another one. Many FNPs, adult NPs, &c, come to Frontier and get their CNM. I think every NP program awards certificates like this, though, not just Frontier.

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