Clinical experience, Is this normal protocal for CMI clog


Hi, I am new to this site, thanks for your feedback. Anyway,I had a clinical experience that I want to discuss. I am a second semester RN student. I havent learned how to irrigate a CBI or remove a clot. Here is my experience:

I reporting my vitals about my pt to a CNA. She receives a call from a pt and asked me to check on her. I am 15 minutes away from the end of clinicals, I end up being in the room for 45 minutes more, beyond class time, I am fine with that, but I hadn't looked at her chart, so I don't have specifics, just what happened while I was there. She wasn't my pt, I know nothing about her diagnosis. She is in extreme pain. She on a receiving continuous bladder irrigation.

I walk in, unaware of situation. She is in extreme pain, I attempt to assess, and hurry to RN. She explains she on a CBI, and has had constant clogs all day. All I know is she is post op, has been for the past week. This peaks my concern, I am not sure, but all day, thats a long time. Especially because she is in so much pain. I haven't learned the proper technique to manually unclog the CBI, I am actually not up on the lingo. Anyway, the RN comes in, and in the real world of nursing, she unclogs it, which took her about 10 minutes. It was difficult for me because of the extreme of the pt pain, but I watched and then helped clean her linens afterward, me and the CNA.

It took us 30 min, and she was having pain again, I stayed to help and watch the procedure again. This time, the CNA offered to take over for the RN, because it was taking so long again. The RN gives the CNA to syringe, while she is still wearing the gloves we cleaned her up in, and she takes the syringe and forcefully pulls it out and pushes it in. After abou 3 tries, she pulls so hard, she pulls the barrel out, and then forcefully pushes air into the pt tube, which goes into her bladder. I hear a pop, then it unclogs. Maybe I am paranoid, but this was unsetteling. I told my clinical instustor, she jotted down something, but I couldn't read her reaction. Is this acceptable or not. I searched thre internet and couldn't find a specific answer that was specific to my experience.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. I want to sleep tonight. I reported it so I feel fine, but was this proper procedure??

Thank You,


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