Clinical Care Tech- Fairfax Hospital


Hi, I am looking into this position and may be offered the job. Does anyone know what this position is about? What types of things will I be doing? Please help me out, especially techs that know about this tech position. Thanks! I wasn't told much by recruiter except to come in and interview. The interview is on this Thursday.


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:) All things work out for the best.


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Specializes in Emergency.

Similar duties to a CNA I suppose.

Depends on the floor really.

On a Med/Surg floor, you could be doing more vitals and linen changes (for example) than you would do in an ER, where you would be doing more IV starts, blood draws, transporting patients, etc.

Good luck!

Inova is a great place to work for I have heard.

I work at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, wish you the best!


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I learned that I will be drawing blood, doing foleys and IV's. I am so excited.


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I'm a nursing student, and I have been looking for PT work in the field. Do you know what requirements are necessary before qualifying for a position? Also, what is the starting pay?


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My husband just got orders from the military so I will be moving but I have been offered a Tech position on the base we will be living. Such a shame. I was looking forward to the experience at fairfax.

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