clinical anesth.


curious if anyone has used the book Clinical Anesthesia by Morgan, Mikhail, and Murray

copyrighted in 2002 - it looked pretty good - wanted to know if i would be wasting money....


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It's my favorite text; not as wordy or in depth as Barash, but concise and easy to read. Have several classmates that also have and like this one. I plan to carry it and Mass General to clinicals.



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Morgan and Mikhail is one of the required texts for our anesthesia courses. It's concise and to the point. Along with Basics of Anesthesia aka "Baby Miller" by Stoelting and Miller, it's a great read for someone who is new to anesthesia and seeks an overall understanding but doesn't need all that big Miller and Barash have to offer. Good luck in clinicals!


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It is an excellent book!


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It's a required book for my program, and we use it alot for reference, as well as assigned readings.


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it is also required in my program...bought it before I knew it was required on a recommendation from a senior in the Army anesthesia seems to be written in a fashion that wont put you to say buy it... it will most likely be recommended in your program, and if it is not you can sell it on amazon or something


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thank you all sooo much - i very much appreciate the heads up... amazon has some used ones for reasonable prices - thanks again.

As a side note to all of the CRNA school hopefuls, this book is excellent reading to prepare for the interview. I bought it about 6 months ago and used it to study, along with "Critical Care Certification". I did an anesthesia rotation as part of my BSN practicum and the anesthetists I worked with still use and refer to this book along with Mass General.

I would highly recommend buying it.


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