Clinical Admissions


I was hoping some of you could help me put my mind as ease. I am a pre-nursing student getting ready to apply for clinicals with in the next year. I hope to have a 3.4 GPA. I know that is not the highest and part of the reason is because I have some classes that were not required that I took for a different major (Organic Chem, Genetics, etc). To make up for this I have been trying to get some extra resume padding in. I have been working in a nutrition lab for 2 years and this summer I am doing an internship with the department. Also, I will be a teaching assistant for the Anatomy lab at my school for one entire semester prior to admission. I have a letter of rec from the department head of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (according to him his letter will be so outstanding I should get in anywhere-- I hope he is right :rolleyes:). Also, I plan on getting 200 hours of volunteering and 200 hours of shadowing before applying.

Do you guys think this is enough? Do you have any suggestions of extra things to do? I would really love the feedback, as you can tell I am freaking out. My first choice is the University of Missouri and my second choice is University of Missouri Kansas City.

Thanks so much