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anyone have one or know anything about the program?

I just got my acceptance letter yesterday (Im currently a junior at the University of North Texas and I recently decided to go into nursing) but I have a few questions.

1. Since Im from Texas, Ill obviously have to pay out of state tuition ($14,000+ per year!!). Ive heard that some hospitals will do tuition reimbursement. Does anyone know how this works? Any stipulations?

2. Anyone have any general information on the program? The school in general? The area?

My main concern right now is the money issue (although its not *THAT* big of a deal because I can get financial aid and whatnot) The problem is that the Clemson program starts in the Fall, but the other programs that I apply to start in the spring. Im having trouble deciding whether I should take the opportunity in SC or wait to see if I get into one of the programs that I applied to in Texas. (These programs take a VERY limited number of students, so there is a chance that I wont get in...TWU takes 100/semester, Baylor takes 64/semester, etc.)

Any advice on any of these issues would be GREAT!!




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I worked at MD Andeson Cancer Center in Houston. Here, the hospital offer tuition reimbursement to employee who want to further their education. the employee must work at the hospital for at least 6 months and pass each course that the signed up for.

I understand what you're going through. I also got accepted to the BSN program at University of TX @ Texas Medical Center in Houston for the next semester. I'm debating between nursing school and pharmacy school, which I have a interview this week. I don't know what to decided. I really feel glad and lucky that I got accepted to the nursing school in Houston, because they only accept 100 out of 700 applicants.Pharmacy school has been my goal since high school but the chance to making through it is so slim. I don't even know if I get accept to the pharmacy program eventhough I have an interview.


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i live right next to clemson university. it's a good program. when i worked at the hospital in anderson there were a lot of people working on my in that program and they liked it. i know of two girls who are graduating this may from it. good luck!! hope this helps!!!


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My best friend just graduated from the program back in May 2003. He enjoyed it very much so. I would encourage you to go to Clemson. Especially if you like the small town life. The town is small with an exciting nightlife (it was 2-3 yrs ago that Clemson got voted the biggest party school by some authority). There's a lake all around campus. You can spend your weekend skiing, fishing, or hydrosurfing. I think the enrollement right now is around 14-15K students. The majority are mostly good ole southern boys/gals. Beware, if you decide to attend Clemson, you will bleed orange for the rest of your life. :chuckle

Also, the hospitals that you will be completing your clinicals at would be Anderson Area Medical Center (, Greenville Memorial Hospital ( which is the biggest hospital in the upstate, St Francis Hospital (, and various other facilities.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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