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i would like to know if anyone is using either the clearlink or interlink iv tubing and what your preference might be. also, are you experiencing any increase in infection or irritation in the patients where you are using either type of tubing. thanks.


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Increased infection rates have been a key problem with the Clearlink product. Facilities here in the NW have noticed a significant increase in infection rates after converting the the Clearlink. The valve is prone to poppet stickdowns and extreme blood reflux. On top of the mechanical issues, there have been distribution issues with this product. Baxter has even issued a warning letter regarding the increase in infection rates.

The Interlink is a little better with infection rates but still has its share of catheter occlusions. Plus its a very costly system to use since you have to use blunt cannulas & alligator clips. Most facilties go through thousands of these extra pieces at a huge cost to their facility.

I would suggest using Interlink as opposed to Clearlink. However, neither one of these are Positive Pressure Valves. More and more facilities are converting to Positive Pressure Valves that will decrease overall infections & occlusions.

Good luck.

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