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I pulled up the classes that one of the colleges makes you take to become a CRNA and they look overwhelming. Did anybody else have this feeling before they went to pursue this field? Keep in mind that I am still not even an RN at this point.

I have been doing research on becoming a CRNA and have read all of the threads here. About a month ago, I read one where it said to just concentrate on becoming an RN and then worry about becoming a CRNA. This is probably the road that I should take, but easier said than done.:)

This is what I want to do, and the only thing that will stop me will be myself.

I currently work in a hospital but it's business related as opposed to Nursing at this point. (Purchasing). Plus my brother works in Surgery and I can "shadow" a CRNA while I am pursuing getting my degree, so I feel lucky there.

I appreciate this board as it has given me some answers to questions that I had for quite a while, yet couldn't find the answer to.

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Pretty much take that advise. Just concentrate on becoming a nurse. Those classes that you see you not near as frightening once you have your BSN under your belt.

Good Luck... and be the best nurse you can be. Worry about becoming a CRNA after you have accomplished that. If you do not excell in nursing, where do you think your references will come from?


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Just concentrate on one day at a time and you will get thru it with hard work and determination!!! If youre asking if it is hard then-- HELL YES!! You gotta want it!!

Think of it as working a business, investment and returns.

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