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class tips...

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hey all,

just wondering about class info. and i apologize if this is somewhat repetitive from other posts. i have been reading quite a bit about certain classes and the type of work involved, mainly biochem and anatomy.

i know these are going to be intense, and was just wondering if anyone had some insight into tackling these the "easiest" way possible; sort of a focus or direction.

as for anatomy, is it going to be like gross anatomy that med students take? are we going to have to know the same material or will it be more directed for our specialty?

basically, are we, as new students, going to need to know the front and back of our books?

any info is GREATLY appreciated...

thanks all ~


Has 8 years experience. Specializes in Vascular/trauma/OB/peds anesthesia.

If I remember right, they told us that our anatomy course is taught by the same PA that teaches the med students anatomy, with a focus on the head and neck.

As far as study tips, I am doing good just to keep my head above the water right now. If I come up with any miracles I will let you know!


The best advice I can offer is take it one day at a time. You will stress yourself out if you think about all the work that needs to be completed in two weeks. Either you can study one subject for a few hours, or you can study a few subjects for one hour each. I always completed my careplan first, then ate dinner and relaxed, then studied, then relaxed some more. I didn't study past 9pm either. On the weekends, I would grab a bunch of my books and notebooks and go to caribou with my ipod and read my text or my notes, have lunch, study some more. Reading takes a long time, so I found the weekends perfect for this. I actually liked it because after sleeping in (8am) and doing errands, I could spend a long time at the coffee shop with no other commitments. I still went out at night, but school will discipline you over time and make you tired a lot earlier, so it was rare I had late nights. The other good advice I can give you is to get as much bullcrap work out of the way in the beginning of a semester. You're first weekend, don't relax b/c there's not much to do. Get all of the stupid papers, journal reviews, busy work started at least. It helped a lot.

dfk, RN, CRNA

Has 11 years experience. Specializes in Critical Care, Emergency.

thx phishin and jewel - great advice and will definitely take it for what it's worth. i got my lecture outline yesterday and, whoo boy, not looking forward to as much now.. but like you said, jewel, one day at a time... i will be sure to cry on this forum at some point, and i'm sure sooner than later..

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