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class of 2011!!!!

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:w00t: I am pinning next Wednesday!!!! I remember coming in here and expressing my feelings of how i felt getting into a nursing school. Now I am graduating and it feels good!! :clpty:

I am a bit sad :unhappy: cos my department that i worked for 5months didnt want to take me on as a nurse. Because she prefer BSN over ADN. BOO.. i just smiled and say ok and walked off cos she had been telling me she'll hire me and then not and then yes again and now not anymore so i didnt have anything to say to her after our little interaction today. I will move on with my life and am happy to say that I am starting my RN-BSN in the fall of 2011. YAY me!!!

o well, I ma get started on a study schedule and will be lurking this site everyday as if I am not already doing that. lol


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About your job situation, if you're going to be working on your BSN in the Fall, I'm surprised your boss didn't just hire you. That would have been nice for them to even do a tuition reimbursement.

Wish you the best!

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