Class Load


I just wanted to get some opinion about some classes that I need to take to satisfy my BSN requirements while earning my ADN at a community college. My current schedule for this semester is A&P 2 & Micro those are the last 2 classes needed to enter the ADN program. Before coming to my current school I messed up at the university so I need to take over some classes to be in a competitive place to apply for an BSN program after I complete my 2 years. So my question is would added Gen Chem to the mix be too much then possibly just taking the other needed classes during the summers of nursing school be a good idea that way I'm killing two birds with one stone to enter a BSN program after NCLEX.

SN: For those current nursing students are you guys buying or renting your books during nursing school. I have seen some say that they have kept their fundamentals and Med/Surg books is this pretty accurate? Or have you guys found that ebooks were better during nursing school just to cut down on such a heavy bookbag throughout the week