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Clark College's nursing program, Vancouver, WA

by RichardSEA RichardSEA (New) New

I wonder if anybody has heard anything (good or bad) about the Clark College's nursing program. I am also planning to apply there. I also wonder how hard it is to get into their program when compared to schools in the Seattle area.


I applied for Clark's Spring start next year, I'm still waiting to hear back. Their application is based on GPA (mostly science, but some non-science), WA residency, CNA training, and field work. They have a form online that will help you calculate your points. From their selection statistics, it looks like they select above 40 or 41 points typically (the highest is 48 points), so that's a nice buffer. I'm not sure how this compares with schools in Seattle though.

Clark's program is very well known around here, and has a reputation of being really challenging. But their students are extremely well prepared for the NCLEX. You also have the option of transferring directly to WSUV for your BSN after completing the RN, which is a nice bonus.

I hope this helps! Good luck on all of your applications!!

I'm a recent clark grad who passed my nclex the first time with the minimum number of questions asked. You will be prepared for that test as long as you put the effort in during the program. There are great things about the program. You will write more papers than most bsn programs. You will get more clinical time than most other programs. But there will be pain. Lots of it.