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Hey everyone,

So I got my letter today ... wait list. Called to confirm that yes I have 47 points but apparently that gets you on the wait list. In the last two years 100% of students with 46 points and above have been accepted and even down to people with 43 points have been accepted. I'm so frustrated. I still have a chance but seriously, how perfect do you have to be? I have a 3.9 science GPA. I did get into Mt Hood so I can't complain too much just disappointed. Venting...:crying2:


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Sounds like you have a really good chance of being called up after all the acceptance letters come in. They had already called six of the people on the wait list by the time I went to the orientation at Clackamas. Frustrating not to be able to get started on the planning for September..:icon_hug:

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Yeah, we'll see. I just want to know if I'll be starting in September or January! It's just a few months but I just want to know so I can get things planned and ready to go.


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I got my letter today also and i just didnt get in. Do they have a waitlist or do they just go to the next highest point total. Tinkerbell where did you call. When I called they wouldn't even confirm my points. I have to go in there too find out. I guess I calculated the points wrong cause I thought I had 48. I will see tomorrow what went wrong with my application.

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If you had 48 I imagine you have to be a shoe-in, but then again I had 47 and statistics show I should have been in. Just call their main line (from the website) and ask to talk to someone in nursing admissions. They are all really nice there. You only get on the waitlist if they tell you in your letter, so if it didn't say that then you're unfortunately not on the waitlist :( Call them and ask them to tell you what your points are. Last October when I applied I thought I had 47 points then but called and found out I really didn't. It was because I did all my pre-reqs at PCC then found out I needed two additional classes from PCC to transfer over to their credits (writing and chemistry). I'm sorry for your bad news, I totally know where you are coming from and I've been there. All I can say is KEEP AT IT because if you are determined it will happen!! Keep me posted on what they say!

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