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Clarification of this question BON TX


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I am thinking of endorsing my license to TX after I get my CA license to keep my options open but I need clarification of this question.

The practice of professional nursing requires current fitness. The Board has identified certain disorders

which, if occurring within the last 5 years, indicate a lack of fitness. The disorders are: schizophrenia and other psychotic

disorders, bipolar disorder, paranoid personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder, or borderline personality

disorder. If you have been diagnosed, treated or hospitalized for any of the above illnesses within the last 5 years,


1. A report, on letterhead, from your physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor, sent directly to this office, that

includes: your diagnosis; treatments rendered; including current medications; prognosis; cognitive, affective, and

emotional stability and continuing after-care recommendations, including reasonable accommodations needed to

safely practice professional nursing, if any; and,

2. Verification of compliance with aftercare recommendations.

Now I have bipolar and have had it for more than 5 years but as you know treatment and monitoring is for life so what do they mean by "treated for". Do they mean monitoring or stabilization of a new onset of disease. I would think the later since they say within 5 years indicates a lack of fitness. I have been stable for years btw. I am assuming aftercare doesn't include treatment.

Anyone ahve any experience with this

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