City Tech students come here please


Could someone please explain to me the hours of the clinical/nursing part of the program? (meaning I've completed all of my pre-reqs)

Many schools - particularly private schools give people this info. on their website but I can't find it anywhere on City Tech's website.

I know that the school only has a daytime program but I can't seem to find an example of what class/lecture/clinical hours would be like.

I'd like this info. to see if the hours would be compatible for me.


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You go to the CUNY schedule of classes

Select New York City Tech from the school list,select FALL 2009 and only check the undergrad box only. Another page will open and you select the nursing department, you can either select the specific courses or leave it on all. You can also select specific days and times to show or you can just overlook all of them. They say the professor, the hours and number of seats open. If you click on the section it also says what classes must be taken along with that class.

Their clinicals are always from 8-1, regardless of the days.

Do you go to City Tech? Their administration is awful. I had so many problems with them (I was very close to starting school there). Keep your options open! BMCC has evening/weekend nursing program

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