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City Tech Nursing Program 2020

Guadalupe Guadalupe (New) New Student Pre-Student

Hey, I just applied to the nursing program at city tech. I'm worried about my GPA and what's going to happen with my TEAS exam. So far I have an A in MAT1275, A- in PSY1101, and a B+ in ENG1101, I know I have a 3.7 GPA and I'm just waiting on my A&P1 grade, which I know I'll get either a B or B-. Is a 3.5 GPA good, I'm kind of freaking out. My original plan was to apply for the Spring 2021 so I could have the fall to study for the TEAS exam. But now that I applied I kind of got my hopes up and I'm really looking forward to it. Does anyone have any advice on my chances of getting into the program?

OMG I hope you get in (fingers crossed).... I am also sort in the same predicament. I just happen to be accepted to City Tech as an Undeclared Pre-Health Major. Any good news on your end?


M I k e.

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OMG, CONGRATS!! what school did you transfer from? I had to withdraw my application because I couldn't find a testing date before the deadline. But now I feel stress-free and can just focus on studying for the entrance exam to take later on in the Summer. I also think I passed my anatomy class with a B+ or A- which made me feel soo much better. Did you decide to apply for this upcoming semester or for Spring 2021?

Thanksss... and I'm transferring from Kingsborough and as soon as I finish up with Spring/Summer modules, I'll definitely start preparing for the TEAS Exam with practice guides, etc., just to get ahead of the curve (I here it's a heavy hitting exam, ugh). Anyways, I too tried to find a testing date, but, I just figured not to rush through and maneuver slowly and see what's going to happen in regards to COVID and the current circumstances. With that said, you're definitely right, feeling stress-free (me too LOL), now we can study intensively and perhaps take it during the Summer. After all, it's quite tough, all the pre-reqs and not to mention A&P which was very robust. Speaking of which, CONGRATS on your grades in A&P, I achieved an "A" too [ :P ]. And yes, I am applying for the upcoming Spring 2021 Semester.

Thank you & Good Luck Guadalupe! :']

Happy Trails,


Sorry for the late reply! I've been trying to study for the TEAS which I finally scheduled a date for in the upcoming week. I started to feel stressed because I've been reviewing the book and it's very overwhelming. I'm planning on retaking it if I don't do so well, I know you can retake it twice a year so I just wanted to take it asap to see how the test is set up. You should pm me if you have any questions regarding the test once I take it so that I can help you.

Wish me luck!

Hey Guadalupe, I’ve have been trying to message you on here, but it’s not letting me. Is it possible you can email me? I have a couple questions regarding the TEAS. My email is: m.lopez95@outlook.com



On 6/15/2020 at 5:57 PM, Nadiia Vyshyvaniuk said:

Hi. Did you get in?

Not yet, I think we should find out by January, not sure the exact date. Did you apply for Spring 2021?