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Hi! I'm doing up my medication cards/sheets for the pt I will be working with tomorrow. My pt was prescribed cilazapril 2.5mg PO OD and I cannot find it anywhere! I'm almost 100% sure I wrote it down right because when I googled the name it came up, I just can't find the information I'm looking for (class, how it works, therapeutic effects, safe dosage range and nursing considerations). My pt was prescribed this med before being hospitalized so there was no info in the chart for why he is on it, and it does not pertain to the reason why he is in hospital now (mental illness). Is anyone familiar with this drug? By the way, I have tried to look it up in two up to date drug guide books (Mosby's and Davis). Thanks!


No, it wasn't the first answer on Google. Sometimes you have to work harder. Ahem!

I looked in two separate drug guides and spent half an hour online. You know what they say about assuming! By the way, Vascase is not in either of my drug guides because I found that name online.

The "pril" drugs are ACE inhibitors (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors). They lower blood pressure by decreasing the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, thus decreasing aldosterone. Aldosterone helps keep sodium in the body (and water follows sodium), and this raises blood pressure. Decreasing aldosterone therefore decreases blood pressure.

One thing to remember is that ACE inhibitors also increase bradykinin and therefore may cause a dry cough as a side effect.


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