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I currently work on a medical floor in a large hospital. I've decided to go to school to become a CRNA and have done a great deal of research on the profession, especially on this forum. Thanks for all the wonderful info. I do have a question in all of this. I realize I have to transfer to an ICU for at least a year. Will the CICU (cardiac ICU) work for this requirement? Or, will I need to go to a strictly only ICU (no specialty)? Thanks for any help. You guys have been so helpful!! :)


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I would think it would be sufficient as long as you have lots of experience with vasoactive gtts, vent management and hemodynamic montioring. I think however they do like a broad range of experience.


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Thanks, fence! Yeah, they have all the drips, etc. in the CICU. I would go to the ICU, but they do not have as many positions open there as they do in the CICU where I work. Therefore, the CICU is better able to work with me and give me what I need financially. However, once I get completely oriented to the unit and have some experience behind me, I'm going to try to transfer to the regular ICU. I would like the variety better anyway. Thanks, again, for your input.


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