Chronic Wound

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We have a patient with a chronic venous leg wound. She reports that MD told her they will never heal. It has been my understanding that CMS guidelines would indicate we are going to need to discharge this patient. Can someone please point me to the CMS regulations that address this.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. :nurse:

I have also heard this, and do seem to remember reading something that supports this, but I can't recall off the top of my head exactly where that was. You should be able to go to the CMS website and find something, but it probably won't be in that specific language but will more likely address the need to demonstrate that our skilled interventions are resulting in pt progress.

I did notice that NRSKarenRN has posted information about a learning opportunity, something like "Clinician's Guide to HH Coverage", that will be on 11/30. They could address this issue.

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