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Some of you may remember my previous posts about my low platelets - well first of all I want to thank the ones that offered support and well wishes - it was really appreciated.

I went to see my Hematologist and he was lovely - apparently I have had low platelets since 1996 - but my GP has never picked up on it until I saw a new GP. My platelet count has been normal once (153000) when I was 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.

Anyway he diagnosed Chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura.(glad it is called ITP for short!!)

I have to go back on monday for a Bone Marrow test to confirm diagnosis and rule Leukemia (which he doesnt think it is) and then go back next month to check my bloods again.

My platelets today were 116,000 (previously they were 110 and 114), and my Hb was 12.4.

Not looking forward to the Bone Marrow test I must admit.

Anyway thanks again for your support and well wishes.:kiss


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Hi Sue, you are very welcome :)

glad to hear you are happy with your hematologist, makes a difference, for sure

also glad that although late, they have picked up on this.

this whole thing ha been frustrating for sure, don't think twice about for you, and hope all goes well Monday..let us know :kiss


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Just to let you know I had the Bone Marrow Test today and it was quite painful!!! I will get the results on the 9th October when I go back to clinic for futher checks on my bloods!:eek:


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aww sue I feel for you :kiss

at least it's over right? :)

keep me posted and take care, Kim

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