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Choosing units when reapplying to new graduate programs


Hello allnurses! I'm the process of re-applying to a new graduate program and I have kind of a dumb question. I originally applied before I graduated/passed the NCLEX, went through 2 rounds of interviews and then was not offered a position. I now have my license, but I still have not found a job and this hospital is opening applications for their next new grad cohort.

The hospital requires that you specify a unit on your application so my question is this; would it be smarter to apply to the unit I have already interviewed on, or try my luck with other units? Has anyone had experience reapplying for a new grad program?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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Keep in mind that I have not gone through a new graduate residency (I was initiated in a trial-by-fire)...I would say that if you have become a stronger candidate for that particular unit, then I would reapply for it. Otherwise maybe consider a different unit that you feel you may have a better chance at, even if it's not your dream unit.

Get yourself in their system first of all--you can transfer to different units down the road.

Best of luck.