Choosing between Solano CC and Napa Valley College


I'm just about to start pre-reqs in Spring '09 but haven't decided on which school to go to.

Let me start with Solano, I heard it's "the better school" but I have to take lots and lots and lots of pre-reqs which don't really mind, I just need to be sure I'm going to a REALLY good school.

With Napa, I heard some good and bad things plus I'll be taking less pre-reqs compared with the one above. I just need to make sure If I go here, I'll be okay.

Sorry if i'm bugging everybody. But I'm just soo confused!!!:bluecry1::uhoh3::confused:

Please help me out in my dilemma. Some school reviews and info's would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!:yeah:


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In my opinion NVC sucks. It has the worst program with the worst teachers. First semester was okay, the teachers were more thorough but as you get farther along the teachers are so unsupportive. Some teachers don't responsed to emails and in fact they expect you to teach yourself the material. Some of the teachers do a terrible job with lecture that you leave class even more confused. You basically have to read all the chapters and learn it for yourself. For now I just say get in where you can but make sure you don't repeat any of your pre requites classes and try to get atleast a B in those classes. Good luck and stay away from Napa College.

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